Draw a map search

This feature requires the add-on “Draw a search“!

Allow your map users to search exactly where they want to by giving them the appropriate tool to draw on the map. You can also split your map into search areas and allow the map users to find locations by selecting one or more areas in a predefined select list. More demos can be found here!

  1. To test the “Draw a map search” tool, click on the button “Add area” and draw your area on the map. The heatmap layer will guide you to the areas where you can start drawing to find locations! 
  2. To test the “Predefined areas search” tool, try selecting the areas “City of London” and/or “Lambeth” and/or “London” and/or “Camden”
  3. Click on the “Help [i]” button for more instructions!
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Add Area
Edit Area
Delete Area
Draw from scratch
Toggle histroy list

    Draw a Map Search

    Find locations in the exact area and streets you want to search in by drawing a polygon around your desired area. Once drawn, the map will display all available locations inside the drawn area. You can also draw other areas and/or edit the existing areas.
    Add Area
    Click to start drawing a search area. To draw an area, click on the map and maintain the click, then, move the cursor around your desired zone.
    Cancel Add
    Click to cancel adding areas.
    Edit Area
    Click to edit area(s). Areas color will be changed to yellow. To edit an area, click and drag a vertex/point to another location. You can also edit an area by removing vertices/points. Double click on a vertex/point to remove it. Once finished editing the area(s), click on the button "Search".
    Click & Drag a vertex/point to move it or Double click to remove it.
    Cancel Edit
    Click to cancel editing areas.
    Once finished editing area(s) Click to search again.
    Delete Area
    Click to delete area(s). Once areas color has turned to red, click on the area to delete.
    Cancel Edit
    Click to cancel deleting areas.
    Click to show the history of all drawn areas including the previously deleted areas.
    Click to display the area info (Boundaries length & Surface).
    Click to edit the area.
    Click to delete an area.
    Click to restore the area.
    Click and confirm to permanently delete an area.
    Draw from scratch
    Click and confirm to permanently delete all areas and to start a new search.