Directions Add-on

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Directions is an extension of Progress Map. It allows you to get directions between your address/position and the locations on your map and to display routes and the direction steps. It also provides a search tool that will allow you to show locations within a specific distance of your location/address.

With this plugin, finding directions has never been easy & elegant. In the directions form, once you enter a starting point, which can be an address or your current position, a popup will be added to each marker on your map. Then, – you can continue to navigate in the map, filtering the markers, searching using the other tools provided by the other add-ons, like drawing on the map, searching by keywords, etc… Once you need some directions, simply – click on your desired marker popup to display the routes and the direction steps. Using the travel mode buttons, you can switch the route to the travel mode of your interest. Thus, will update the route as well as the direction steps. You can also reverse the starting point and the destination. In other words, you can use your address/position as your destination and your map locations as your starting point.

Another tool that comes included in the plguin, is the distance search. The distance search will allow you to show only locations near your starting point. This is a complementary tool that will let you focus on a specific area of the map by hiding all locations that are outside your area of interest.

Besides the functionality, the styling of the plugin is very sleek, and if that’s not enough for you, you can always customize it to meet the general look of your theme. The routes can also be customized by changing its color, weight & opacity. All these can be done from the plugin settings.

What about single posts? Everything is covered. The plugin provides a dedicated map for single posts that will allow you to display directions between a given starting point and one or more locations. This map comes as a shortcode and is ready to be used anywhere in your website.

Let’s check out the demos to see what “Directions” looks like and how it works. Enjoy & have fun!