Submit locations from the map

Add new locations to the map form the map. The form in this example was programmed to popup once the map is loaded!

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Enter the title/name of your location

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Upload the image that will be displayed in the infobox & the carousel

GPS coordinates

Latitude and Longitude of your location. Convert an address to latitude and longitude by filling the address field and click on "Search", then, click on "Get Pinpoint" to display the coordinates. Drag the marker to set the exact location!

Select or Drag a file

Select or Drag files

Select or Drag a file

Select or Drag a file

Enter the URL that should be embedded. It could be a video (Youtube, vimeo ...) URL, Audio playlist URL, Website URL and more. To be used with the format "Embed" or "All"!
Check the list of supported services
If the URL is a valid url to a supported provider, the plugin will use the embed code provided to it. Otherwise, it will be ignored!