Find locations near your address & get directions

Before you choose your starting point, you can tell the map to search in a specific area and only show locations near your address/position. This feature is a complementary tool that will let you focus on a specific area of the map by hiding all locations that are outside your area of interest.

To test, specify a search area using the distance slider (e.g. 1km), then, enter an address (e.g. “London, UK”) or geolocate your position. Click on the help button for more details!



Get directions between your address/position and any location on the map. Show locations within a specific distance of your location/address. Display routes and the directions steps.
Choose a starting point
Enter an address or
geolocate your position.
Click to activate/deactivate the distance search.
2. (When activated) Use the slider to define the size of the search area.
3. Click on the button
to search.
Switch the travel mode.
Click on the marker popup to render the route and the directions steps.
Click to toggle the directions steps widget.
Click to hide the directions steps widget.
Click to remove the currently displayed route and the directions steps widget.
Click to reverse the start point and the destination. This will update the route and the directions steps.
Click to center the map on your starting point.
Click to reset and search from scratch.