About Progress Map V3

Version 3 introduces many new features & options to “Progress Map WordPress Plugin”. No more headaches with complicated shortcode attributes, now, each map will have its own settings page. New settings & fields have been added in a way that makes it easy to build your maps. The core has been rebuilt from the ground up to handle future challenges and to make this plugin one of the most powerfull WordPress map plugins on the internet.

Before in version 2, the concept of the “Progress Map” was to build a master/main map and to use the shortcode attributes to override its settings in order to create other/new maps that displays diffrent places based on specific critereas. This was working great for a long while. If you’ve used the version 1, you’ll remember how small was this plugin and how few were its settings. Because customers requests new features that i often accept, the plugin came to the point that it may explode on my face. With that in mind, the concept of using shortcode attributes starts to cripple the plugin and became my worst nightmare. Some features were very very complicated to handle from a shortcode attribute, and, even if i succeeded, lots of customers found the attribute not easy to use. I had to rebuild the plugin from the ground up, and this wasn’t an easy task. I knew that there’s no escape but to rebuild the plugin with a new concept that allows having a settings page for each individual map and this is one of the major things that i’ve succeeded doing in version 3.